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Who should you hire to help you draw your house plans?

Updated: May 15, 2020

When you finally decide to expand, remodel or add an addition to your existing home and have saved enough money the next big question is who do I hire? The two most common choices are an architect or a drafting service. For residential construction you can choose either to perform the task. What are the differences then? A registered architect will have attended and passed a 5 year university program, served under another architect for at least 3 more years and then must pass a series of difficult exams. Suffice it to say he/she will have enough experience for the task. Perhaps too much experience, the cost may be more than your budget can afford. On the other hand.

Construction Documents

A draftsperson may or may not have gone to a technical school to learn the craft of drafting, perhaps taken some courses on construction and may have even worked in the field. I know and have worked with draftspeople who have a better understanding of construction than some architects. But, an understanding of construction will not give the individual an understanding of proportion and design sense. Of course there are other items to consider, level of practical experience, the ability to oversee a project, energy efficiencies etc. However, ultimately, in the end for smaller residential projects it becomes a decision of cost vs. the level of design quality needed.

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