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Tools to help with your home plans.

Updated: May 15, 2020

Many prospective client enter my office with a plan in hand ready to talk about there new custom home. Often time theses plans are brought to me on copy paper, the back of of an old letter or maybe scribbled on paper as they sit in front of me on the conference room table. However, there are always a few clients that have work diligently with visio, excel or even a word program to create lines that symbolize wall, doors and windows. I am always amazed at the ingenuity and ability of the human spirit to get things done. In every case and in whatever format they choose I am more than happy to look at what they have offer advice and proceed forward. However, the point of this article is not discuss the various methods my clients have used to get their ideas across.

This article is to help those of you who are getting ready to start the process of laying out your ideas to paper. There are many programs available out there to assist you with the initial design process. I am only reviewing 3. First, let me begin with my amazement as how good and inexpensive these programs are. Before apple and android apps you would have had to buy software to install on your computer. The prices ranged from $50.00 into the hundreds depending on the level of detail you wanted to apply.

The apps I have tested and recommend as usable for sketching are Floor plan creator, Home design 3D and Magic plan.

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